Reports & Accounts

Our Annual Reports set out how we are funded and how we use our resources to deliver our projects and fulfil our mission. For more information and to see reports please click on the links below.

Statutory Accounts 2012

Statutory Accounts 2013

Statutory Accounts 2014

Statutory Accounts 2015


Community Forest Trust has two subsidiary charities…


Community Forest Land Trust

Company No: 08752839, Charity No: 1155979. This focuses on supporting important Community Forest sites, engaging local communities and raising funds to enable management of the woodlands.

Mersey Forest Foundation

Company No: 09153749, Charity No: 1160790. This supports the planting of new trees and the management of community woodlands across the Mersey Forest. Each year thousands of people are involved in creating The Mersey Forest. The Foundation offers opportunities for charitable donations and membership of The Mersey Forest.

The Community Forest Land Trust is included in the Statutory Accounts 2014 above, and the Mersey Forest Foundation will be included in the Statutory Accounts 2015.

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