Wythenshawe community


Wythenshawe, Manchester

A City of Trees Project


There are plenty of areas in Manchester where a community growing space is in high demand. There are also plenty of areas in Manchester that have pieces of land that are derelict or simply unwanted. A project involving the Wythenshawe community and their local McDonald’s restaurant transformed one of these spaces into something the community can enjoy using.

When McDonald’s bought the site of a local pub, they leased what used to be the bowling green to the residents for free. We secured EU funding to turn the site from derelict to delightful, by clearing it and adding new fences to the perimeter. The site had also been upgraded to include a tool shed, vegetable planters and water butts.

Members from the community said that the piece of land had been a problem for years and it was now a treasure because of the bountiful food grown there. Others added that they are glad the space has been put to better use and it was fantastic to see it in its new state.