Green Streets


Northwood, Merseyside

A Mersey Forest Project

‘Green Streets’ is about making urban spaces greener and more attractive places to live, work and invest. Bringing ‘Green Streets’ to Northwood was bound to work. Why? Because these projects depend on local people coming together to make it happen, and Northwood is an area not short on community spirit.

Northwood people worked with the Mersey Forest to transform a socially disadvantaged area of Knowsley. 210 trees were planted in residential areas in Northwood between 2011 and 2012, many by children from local schools. One cheekily named idea was the ‘pimp up your pavement’ scheme, where residents were encouraged to plant flowers and shrubs around street trees near their homes.

At the same time an area known as Northwood Forest Hills was turned into into an accessible community woodland. With health and fitness as a stated local priority, new pathways were created for cycling and walking, as well as a ‘natural gym’. For the more sedentary-minded, the lake was stocked with over 1000 fish and fishing pegs built, and is now home to herons, ducks and frogs as well as a range of wildflowers.

Northwood looks good and feels good. Routeways between homes, schools, and workplaces have been improved. Air and noise pollution has been reduced. And people are moving in as new housing is being built.

Northwood Green Streets has been co-funded by a number of agencies, including the Forestry Commission, Knowsley Housing Trust, Knowsley Council and the Big Tree project.

“Fantastic work done to rejuvenate the woodland and our local community. There is huge potential for people to get involved in a range of different activities through this exciting new development.”
Eddie Connor, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Community and Culture

“I’ve lived in Northwood for 53 years and seen a lot of changes. They are mostly for the better. There is now a park at the back of my house and the parks are better looked after than they have ever been.”
Local Resident