Chavasse Park Liverpool


Chavasse Park, Liverpool

A Mersey Forest Project

The GRaBS (Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco-Town) project is about integrating climate change adaptation into planning and development. We created a bunch of resources, from the most up-to-date research that communities and professionals could use. These tools will go on to be used as part of plans, to be written up in policy and initiatives in the North West and more.

These key resources include a guidance document with actions that could help you overcome climate change challenges. With all findings backed up by evidence, we found how green infrastructure keeps urban areas cool, helps wildlife adapt and reduces flooding.

We wanted communities to get involved and learn the potential risks to climate change so they could take charge of their own environment. One toolkit even gave them their “green infrastructure score.” Other online STAR tools let communities test the impact that different development and climate scenarios were having on surface temperatures and runoff.