Coastal Woodlands


Coastal Woodlands, Sefton

A Mersey Forest Project


The Sefton coastal woodlands have been a beautiful backdrop for more than a hundred years. The habitat itself is a unique dune habitat and is one of the few remaining suitable for the native red squirrel.

Before a Forest Plan was put in place the Woodlands suffered from a lack of investment and no long-term vision of what the habitat could be. To save the Woods we contacted other coast woodland owners so they could bring their idea forward to help create a long tern plan.

The end result was an exhaustive 20-year plan that ensured the woodlands were managed sustainably, recreation and tourism were supported and even the red squirrels were taken care of. It was decided that the woodland owners, through a successful voluntary partnership, would carry out these aims. A lot has been achieved by landowners coming together – like generating sustainable wood products, working on climate change adaptation and providing training opportunities for young people and adults with learning difficulties.