Our Role & Vision

We are an environmental charity passionate about community forests and the power of trees to transform places and strengthen and enhance communities.

We are directly involved in supporting community forestry initiatives:

The Mersey Forest, City of Trees, Pennine Edge Forest, Forest of Mercia, White Rose Forest, and the Lancashire Woodlands Project.


Our role and vision

CFT Forest map of the UK

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Our vision


We’re a key part of England’s family of community forestry initiatives:


We believe forests and woodland are important because they are enjoyed by people; places in which we can discover, relax and learn. Trees promote health and well-being and have an important environmental role countering climate change and promoting bio-diversity.

Our work focuses on the urban environment, transforming neglected and degraded sites and bringing the beauty and wonder of nature to our towns and cities.

People are at heart of what we do. We work with and consult local people in all our projects and deliver a wide range of projects that strengthen our links with communities and encourage them to feel ownership of their local green spaces.

For examples of our fantastic work see our case studies


Carbon Smart Certified business


CFT are a Carbon Smart Certified business. We recieved certification in January 2013 having worked with Carbon Smart to reduce emissions and improve our sustainability.