Our Impact

Supporting Regeneration

We see our work as a vital element in genuine regeneration. Regeneration is not just about buildings, it’s about creating attractive and sustainable places where people want to live and visit. Similarly our work supports economic development by creating jobs, skills and training opportunities but also helping to bring life and activity back to derelict and despoiled sites.

By creating new woodland and delivering community planting schemes we can change perceptions, bolster confidence and attract further investment into communities. We are seeking to reverse the loss land and degradation of urban spaces by supporting projects that convert some of our most despoiled land into wonderful green spaces, bringing a taste of the countryside back to our urban areas.

our impact



Creating Green Infrastructure

There is growing recognition of the importance of green infrastructure – the network of natural environmental assets and green & blue spaces lying within and between the cities, towns and villages, which provide important multiple social, economic and environmental value.

Trees and woodlands play a vital role in protecting our homes and lives from the likely impact climate change. We’re working with our partners to plan and maintain our green infrastructure, ensuring that locally-planted trees help sustain a stable and liveable environment for the years to come.

We are also actively involved in Green Infrastructure/Climate Change research projects such as i-trees (a City of Trees project focussing on measuring the impact of trees on climate change) and ForeStClim (a Mersey Forest project working with European partners to develop forest management strategies in response to regional climate change impacts). Find out more about Green Infrastructure North West.



Promoting Health & Wellbeing

Forests are ideal places to go to get healthy. Whether its walking, jogging, cycling, or simply sitting in the shade of a tree, being in green spaces and woodlands has a huge impact on our personal health. Aside from the physical benefits of exercise that green space encourages, research has shown that wooded areas have a positive effect on our general sense of wellbeing, alleviating stress, lifting depression and accelerating recovery.

Our woodlands also provide the lungs for our towns and cities by filtering pollution and absorbing carbon. Community Forests encourage us all to use our local woodland for recreation through activities such as woodland walks & events.

our impact